Are they watching - the SEE (Supervision Evaluation and Enhancement) system

TitleAre they watching - the SEE (Supervision Evaluation and Enhancement) system
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsShane, M
Conference NameWorld Conference on Drowning Prevention
Date Published09/2007
PublisherInternational Life Saving Federation
Conference LocationPorto, Portugal
Other Numbers01-11

A session that examines international lifeguard-scanning guidelines, inhibitors and enhancement techniques that lifeguards and pool operators can put into place to enhance safety, and a lifeguard performance evaluation system that quantifies how lifeguards provide safety supervision.

SEE (Supervision Evaluation and Enhancement) is a two level evaluation system that permits aquatic facility operators to gauge how well lifeguards are performing their supervision duties. SEE evaluation forms will be distributed and reviewed with participants.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Describe the process of scanning and recognition
  2. List scanning inhibitors and scanning enhancement techniques and technologies
  3. Evaluate lifeguard’s scanning /facility safety supervision using a quantifiable scanning evaluative technique….the SEE System (Supervision Evaluation and Enhancement)
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