AsNaSA Cabo Verde - National Water Safety Association

TitleAsNaSA Cabo Verde - National Water Safety Association
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsDias, J
Conference NameWorld Conference on Drowning Prevention
Date Published09/2007
PublisherInternational Life Saving Federation
Conference LocationPorto, Portugal
Other Numbers03-08

­It is widely recognized that a key element for the development of Cabo Verde is its human resources potential. As an islands country, with reduced natural resources outside the sea, and with the desire to become an important player on the global economy, the possession of a high quality professional training system seems inevitable. Having that in mind, the development of an integrated system for education, training and employment is a major concern for Cabo Verde government authorities.

Due to the numerous utilizations aquatic spaces can accommodate (fishing, maritime transportation, tourism, leisure, etc.), a large potential for improvement is present. Hence, Cabo Verde’s strategic position is to be open to, and promote, pilot experiences like the creation of AsNaSA Cabo Verde – National Water Safety Association. One of this association’s main goals is to conduct partnerships for international cooperation within ILS’ network, like the partnership established with AsNaSA Portugal since 2001 and the participation in AsNaSA’s “CPLP” workgroup. AsNaSA Cabo Verde also aims at becoming an ILS Africa member and taking place in the ILS specialized commissions and global events.

Seeking to provide a better understanding on Cabo Verde’s potential implementation of a Plan for Education and Training in Lifesaving and Water Safety Quality Standards, necessary to organise a Total Water Safety Integrated System Services Plan, we present the activities already put in action by IEFP CV. These are activities that can be customized for AsNaSA Cabo Verde projects and include the following: National Integrated System for Education-Training-Employment; Curriculum Design Courses; Training for Trainers; Learning Throughout Life; Integrated Information Management System Permanent Professional Offers and Employment Actives Politics.

As a result of our national needs, and after several initiatives and experiences on local and national organizations, the ILS vision and mission arrived to Cabo Verde, brought by our AsNaSA Portugal members’ qualified courses trainees. The movement is growing, based on an extensive cooperation that involves more than twenty official entities, municipal authorities, cooperatives and associations, since 1996. Even though AsNaSA Cabo Verde’s history is a short one, our energy drives as forward with a steady pace, and we are now facing a new strategic goal for the cycle from 2007 to 2013: to become a full member of ILS, and be part of this international Water Safety Network.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Provide information about Cabo Verde and its potential to improve Water Safety Quality.
  2. Identify the projects to be implemented, and improved, in Cabo Verde for Water Lifesavers (level I and II, by EU standards) and for Water Safety Technicians (level III), in accordance with AsNaSA Portugal’s EnSIQSalvA system.
  3. To integrate AsNaSA Cabo Verde in ILS’s networking project: ILS Africa and AsNaSA’s “CPLP” workgroup.
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