ILS Drowning Prevention Strategies

TitleILS Drowning Prevention Strategies
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2015
Corporate AuthorsInternational Life Saving Federation,
Date Published07/2015

The International Life Saving Federation (ILS) is reviewing drowning prevention strategies. This third edition of Drowning Prevention Strategies, A framework to reduce drowning deaths in the aquatic environment for nations/regions engaged in lifesaving, reviews strategies that have been introduced within member federations. The first edition was published on 10th July 2008 with the second and third editions adding and updating additional strategies following a review by ILS member organisations.

The framework articulated within this document has been developed from the perspective of developed nations/regions with well-developed lifesaving practices. In providing a snapshot of key drowning prevention strategies from around the world this knowledge can be shared between nations and programs developed in one country can save lives in another.

ILS will further explore strategies and frameworks from the perspective of developing nations/regions, and if applicable, integrate the findings into a comprehensive drowning prevention strategy/framework.