Lifeguarding: The Sport, the Profession, the Hazards

TitleLifeguarding: The Sport, the Profession, the Hazards
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsWernicki, PG
Conference NameInternational Medical-Rescue Conference
Date Published09/1997
PublisherInternational Life Saving Federation
Conference LocationSan Diego, California, USA
Call Number31
Other Numbers272

Lifeguarding is a special combination of several athletic activities and a grueling test of physical fitness. The very nature of rescuing— the “cold starts,” the running on soft sand, the stress on back and shoulders, and other characteristics— may make lifeguards more vulnerable to injury than other athletes. Since lifeguarding combines aspects of several sports, lifeguards sustain common but unrelated sports injuries such as “swimmer’s shoulder” and shin splints. Lifeguards can also suffer from injuries peculiar to lifeguarding, such as foot lacerations. Proper conditioning and protection can be the keys to reducing incidence of injuries among lifeguard athletes.