Study on evaluation of life jacket utilization in Vietnam

TitleStudy on evaluation of life jacket utilization in Vietnam
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsLan, TTN, Chuc, LV, Anh, LM, Trang, KTQ
Conference NameWorld Conference on Drowning Prevention
Date Published05/2011
PublisherInternational Life Saving Federation
Conference LocationDanang, Vietnam
Other Numbers041

According to the World Health Organization, an appropriate usage of life jackets is an effective method to contribute to the reduction of drowning mortality. Till now, Viet Nam has not ratified a specific regulation on life jacket wearing when participating in watery traffic.

This study was implemented with a goal to assess the quality and utilization of life jacket as well as to recommend some interventions to increase the rate of life jacket wearing and to minimize drowning in Viet Nam. The study showed that there were eight kinds of life jacket with various form and origin in Viet Nam.

Interviewing results of 375 high school students in Dong Thap indicated that 93.7% of them had positive awareness on life jacket usage. However, only 15.93% of them utilized life jackets which were subsidized. In this group, 46.15% of children did not wear a life jacket regularly. The study also described that two kinds of life jacket with brand of X-26 and Hoa Sua were preferable for utilization with 88.5%.

A number of interventions to contribute to drowning control were also recommended; namely enhancement of life jacket usage through free provision and price decrease; construction of bridge; replacement of bamboo bridges with cement ones; suitable management of ship and boat; rejection of utilization of old ships; and assurance of an adequate quantity of life jackets on boat.